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Making a Character

Step 1. Class
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Step 2. Race

Step 3. Skills and Feats
These are the abilities you specialize in, this is partially determined by what class you are (fighter can’t just use spells) So look at your class page on D20 to see what your skills are!
This is your “Special ability” pick one you think would be helpful! (You will get more later so don’t sweat it)
You get to choose 9 Skills and 1 Feat

Step 4.
Stats (Ability Scores)
For this we will be using a 15 point buy so you can min/max as badly as you want

Step 5. Traits
This is a defining trait of your character, try to work it into your story!

Step 6. Alignment and Story
Think up a background for you character! What made them take the class they are? What is their attitude like? What brought them to where they are?
You can also take this short test to determine alignment. Remember try to think like your character

Step 7. Equipment
This is what you’re carrying around, you each start with 120 GP and I will help you here and there and add a few things that I think will help. Remember you’re just starting so you won’t have a bunch of awesome stuff, but don’t sweat it, you’ll get cool stuff soon!

Leveling up!

Additional Information

Main Page

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