Desolation of Blackfang

Following fire to find water.

We rejoin our party as they regain their strengths from the previous day of wereboar destruction, resting for a while in the secret cave that had been discovered. Yet while not spending his time on lookout for the party, Enki ponders on the mysterious alter. Suddenly a thought occurs to him, he looks closely at the scrolls to see weather they are indeed the source of the ambient magic. To his delight he discovers that while the scrolls project a powerful spell to weaken all who approach it neglected to have written any wards to protect the paper directly. With glee and anticipation Enki begins to create a pool of water directly on the scrolls, as the paper begins to disintegrate and fade so does the magic. Still using caution to not put himself in danger Enki sends his skeleton to lift the objects and begin examining them. Detecting a powerful magic, Enki calls in Irashtu to examine the items found and discovers that they have found some rather useful tools and one very strange katana. Upon examining the etching on the scabbard, Enki finds that it belongs to the Zato family in the lands to the east and that any who wield the blade will find themselves in great pain. Of course curiosity takes hold and Guruk is ordered to swing the blade, and subsequently bursts into flames making the decision as to weather who can use it.

After much debate as to weather they should return to blade or pawn it off, our valorous party decides they should make their way to Zhisi Bay to see if any pirates may be able to put a price on the blade. As they make their way down the road leading to the land of pirates, the party spots a heaping caravan lead by some rather large oxen. The goblin driving the cart draws his crossbow and inquires as to the nature of the party, finding that they mean him no harm he offered them his services… of course at a price. “Well I would love fer this here shirt to fit me, iffin you think you can do it.” Said Qualamity but the offer from the goblin was a little high for her coin purse. However they quickly found a stiff compromise, and before you know it that shirt fit like a glove. Being on his way the goblin left them with some cryptic evidence about the sword and the family that owned it, but told them they may find what they’re looking for in Zhisi Bay.

On the path again the troupe continues for a while without much trouble or incident, until of course they chance upon an Ogre and his wonderful pet cinderwolf guarding the path. “What you want?” asked the Ogre but upon being informed the ogre seemed neither to comprehend nor care about the parties cause, only for his toll of “Shinys”. Offering him the katana the Ogre seems pleased a the offer, insisting he use it right now to chop down his tree! Of course the ogre burst into flames disintegrating him into a pile of dust. The wolf enraged by his masters demise attacks! But our party make quick work of him snuffing out his flames before he causes too much damage.

A bit more travel later, the party finally arrives at the much talked about pirate bay of Zhisi. An entire city of nothing but small homes leads to a confusing time trying to find a place for Qualamity to get a drink, but after asking a disheveled old pirate they find it at a faster pace. They enter the “Salty Wench” to find what one might expect of a pirate tavern, drunken gruff pirates wall to wall making loud commotion and an even more obnoxious smell. Qualamity of course walks right up to the bar and buys a few rounds of drinks for the whole bar, buying her some quick friends. But Orfae notices a solitary man in the corner staring off into the sea. Leaving the party to their devises, Orfae and her new found friend walk off so that he may “show her something”, yet unbeknownst Irashtu follows. Talking and walking with the man she learns his name is Taweret and he is an Undine druid from the east, his journey brought him to Zhisi so that he may try and find help to free his lands from the ruling Zato family. As night falls Taweret shows Orfae to his home near the river and to his hippo friend Sobek. After a bit of discussion Orfae offers to lead her parties help to Taweret, but first they need a little rest and relaxation in their bed by the water.


The discount offer wasn’t that stiff. Qalamity’s negotiated harder bargains in her life.

Also, I could use a refreshing glass of ciderwolf myself :)

Following fire to find water.
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