Desolation of Blackfang

A stab of silver in Fenrir

And so, having spent some time residing in Fenrir city the party sets out to finally leave. Before leaving however they inquire with the town leader about the abandoned mine and what reward they might expect for clearing up this little problem. After much bargaining, the stingy dwarf and Qualamity to a standstill in negotiations, as neither seems to want to budge on their steak in the endeavor. And so the party sets off on the other side of the mountain. Following down the path drawn out for them by Urg the smith, they sense a presence ahead in their path. When the stealthy Orfae approached the clearing ahead, she spied 2 figures standing over a third seeming ripping at the fallen beasts flesh. After describing the figures to the party they discover the creatures to be two vicious Wereboars! Knowing they have no silver with which to defeat these foes, the party is struck with a pang of dejection as they remember the mine in Fenrir; I suppose renegotiation must be made. Back in the town Qalamity plays on the leader of the town, driving a hard bargain until finally, he cracks. 15% of the mine income, silver for their weapons, and extreme discounted service in the city are the terms. Now it’s time to kill some zombies.

Into the mines the party begins their way down until they begin to spy odd piles of bones and armor scattered about on the ground, no surprises ensue as the bones begin to reassemble themselves into skeletal warriors. After a fierce battle and even more of the ghastly undead emerging from the walls themselves, the battle is over and the undead lay strewn on the floor. And so the party walks on, down the dark path of the mine. After some time has passed, the party spies around the bend of the next turn, a faint flickering light dancing as if from some faint flames. Sneaking up ahead what Orfae sees is a horrible sight, two skeletons; clad in gold and wreathed in flame. A battle ensues and just as quickly ends, but not without some significant burns and scars to show for it. Finding just ahead a small room to rest in, the party sees a small vein of silver at the back and takes what they can before their rest. Awakening through a night of odd sounds and eerie presence, the party ventures on to finish what they started in this unholy place. Down further into the mine the group finally comes to a dead end made of piled rocks fashioned into a crude wall. Inspecting as they can from a distance the party notices two of the stones have an odd texture. After much debate about what it could be, the hasty Qalamity fires a bolt at the stone and the textured flesh of the stone springs forth flying at the group! After fighting the grim skin wraiths, there appears a pile of red foam that seeped through the stones and forms itself into a might Vampiric Mist. However this mist proved no match for our adventurers and was quickly dispatched of, leaving the group covered in a goopey red mess. Now that this little problem is taken care of, our party is ready to set out back up to the town to claim their reward.


“Wait’ll I have pounce! Charge!”

A stab of silver in Fenrir
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