Hello friends! And welcome to Pathfinder, here is where you will all be able to keep and update you Character sheets and research for the game ahead. I have a lot of plans and a fun story planned for all of you, so lets make the best of this!

Our story will start at the base of the pathfinder starter kit, with the exploration of the den of Blackfang, and will evolve freely from there with minor direction towards a final goal… The defeat of Blackfang and savior of the town of Mudpoint.

I will try to help each one of you build a character that suits a well formed party and your individual preference, however you are free to start or work on your character background or stats during the campaign and read up on the universe we will be delving into.

Here are some Helpful links to get you started!

Useful information on Pathfinder and the world.

My personal favorite database, with detailed information that helps with building a character.