Desolation of Blackfang

A stab of silver in Fenrir

And so, having spent some time residing in Fenrir city the party sets out to finally leave. Before leaving however they inquire with the town leader about the abandoned mine and what reward they might expect for clearing up this little problem. After much bargaining, the stingy dwarf and Qualamity to a standstill in negotiations, as neither seems to want to budge on their steak in the endeavor. And so the party sets off on the other side of the mountain. Following down the path drawn out for them by Urg the smith, they sense a presence ahead in their path. When the stealthy Orfae approached the clearing ahead, she spied 2 figures standing over a third seeming ripping at the fallen beasts flesh. After describing the figures to the party they discover the creatures to be two vicious Wereboars! Knowing they have no silver with which to defeat these foes, the party is struck with a pang of dejection as they remember the mine in Fenrir; I suppose renegotiation must be made. Back in the town Qalamity plays on the leader of the town, driving a hard bargain until finally, he cracks. 15% of the mine income, silver for their weapons, and extreme discounted service in the city are the terms. Now it’s time to kill some zombies.

Into the mines the party begins their way down until they begin to spy odd piles of bones and armor scattered about on the ground, no surprises ensue as the bones begin to reassemble themselves into skeletal warriors. After a fierce battle and even more of the ghastly undead emerging from the walls themselves, the battle is over and the undead lay strewn on the floor. And so the party walks on, down the dark path of the mine. After some time has passed, the party spies around the bend of the next turn, a faint flickering light dancing as if from some faint flames. Sneaking up ahead what Orfae sees is a horrible sight, two skeletons; clad in gold and wreathed in flame. A battle ensues and just as quickly ends, but not without some significant burns and scars to show for it. Finding just ahead a small room to rest in, the party sees a small vein of silver at the back and takes what they can before their rest. Awakening through a night of odd sounds and eerie presence, the party ventures on to finish what they started in this unholy place. Down further into the mine the group finally comes to a dead end made of piled rocks fashioned into a crude wall. Inspecting as they can from a distance the party notices two of the stones have an odd texture. After much debate about what it could be, the hasty Qalamity fires a bolt at the stone and the textured flesh of the stone springs forth flying at the group! After fighting the grim skin wraiths, there appears a pile of red foam that seeped through the stones and forms itself into a might Vampiric Mist. However this mist proved no match for our adventurers and was quickly dispatched of, leaving the group covered in a goopey red mess. Now that this little problem is taken care of, our party is ready to set out back up to the town to claim their reward.

Revenge by proxy

After arriving at the nearby town to rest for the night the party hears a voice calling at them from above the high dark wood walls, the voice questions them on their intent and cautiously allows them entry to the mountain town. Entering the town which they now know to be called Fenrir, the party looks about to see a still town with few buildings made of the same dark wood as the walls, covered in a thin layer of snow. As they proceed into the nearby building marked crudely with the Dwarf word for Inn, the first thing they observe is a Gnome in the center of the room playing cards with some agitated looking dwarves. All they had to hear was “Didn’t realize the circus was in town!” from the Gnome, and the party approached. After some discussion they find that the gnome is one called Qalamity Faye and she was a cavalier serving as protector of the wildlife of these lands. This discussion led to the group hiring Qalamity to assist in tracking and defeating the Ogre they had promised to bring down. After the group had rested and regained their wits and strength, they set off in search of the fiend.
Coming upon the site they knew to be the lair of the Ogre, the party prepares a trap to try and bring him down or at the very least weaken him to attack. After much preparation and some setbacks the trap is set and the ogre lured out! Unfortunately the trap only stunned the mighty foe and did not deal a significant blow to him. However with some swiftness and the combined might of Qalamity and Enki dealing devastating blows to the beast, the fight was over. And taking a symbol of the Ogres defeat, the party returns to the town to recuperate.
Returning at last the group speaks to the leader of Fenrir city to see the possibility of reward, and while he says nothing of reward for the Ogre (as he did not consider it a problem) he makes mention of the mines in the town and their evil presence of the dead congregating. Perhaps there is something they could learn about their quest from this necropolis.

Up and up

Having spent some time with their new acquaintance Urg our adventures had taken notice that the companion Lady Mysteria had yet to arrive upon them. Knowing something must be awry our party left Urg in search of their lost member.
Heading back in the direction of the last town they stumble upon a strange patch of earth where the grass had been worn away, after further inspection a piece of robe was found following a trail leading back toward the forest in the mountains. Following the trail the group comes to the edge of the forest, Taargus’ mighty wolf picks up the scent of the trail deep into the forest, and so the party follows.
In the forest they find a clearing among the trees, and what should be in that clearing but a bound and gagged Lady Mysteria! Approaching her cautiously the group is suddenly ambushed by several Dark Creepers. After disposing of the pests they take a moment and continue on their journey.
Making their way through the the group spots a large cave seeming dug out of the earth by hand, could this be the lair of the Ogre? Marking the spot, the party continues on to the nearby town.

Out of the frying pan

And so the journey continues, as the party continues on from the town of Sandport, Lady Mysteria stays in the town so that she may quell the worries after such strange incidents. As you begin to leave you see a strange figure appear, rotting flesh, withering skin, and sunken sockets; this is the wizard Ezren raised from the dead by the ghostly necromancer to replenish your numbers in her absence. As the party continued through the night, they saw on the horizon the beginning of daybreak, knowing they must find shelter from the suns harsh rays. Coming at last upon some shelter in this harsh terrain, the party finds a small cave and decides this may do for the night.

As the sun begins to set and night begins to show its face, Orfae hears a sudden thud and movement from the back of the cave. Turning around to examine the noise, she spies three giant snakes making their way into the cave from holes that show in the back. A battle commences, and with a furious whirlwind of blades and fangs, the fight is over. Gathering themselves for the journey ahead, the group again begins their trek across the seemingly endless desert.

After what seems like an eternity of hours, the party began to see the faint signs of life spring up around them. Sparse grass here, a shrub or bush there, it began becoming more and more frequent. Until finally they come to a far greener land of rolling hills and craggy rocks. Up hills and over small cliffs the adventure continues, but suddenly a smell of wet hide and tramping hoofs alerts them! As they all spin around the see a group of charging Aurochs coming for them with rage in their eyes and steam in their snouts. The battle wages on, but quickly our heroes overcome this obstacle set before them.

Investigating the area around them, the party takes notice of a small house just over the hill and into the center of the next valley. Knowing the sun will soon again make its way across the sky, the adventure takes them down to the house to see if it may do for a nights rest. Coming upon the house, investigation shows no signs of life within. Daring to venture within the party finds a simple home comprised of simple rooms, but a strong magic seems to keep them from one of them, locked tight and sealed with powerful spell.

While investigating the house, there is a sudden movement coming from the front door and the sound of someone entering beginning to enter. A half-orc man enters the threshold and stops suddenly “Who’s there?” but no one answers his call, at that moment the Dwarf Taargus springs forth into the main room to calm the man. After talking him down from his panic, Taargus introduces the rest of his companions to the man they now know as Urg.

The night continues on, and Urg tells the party tales of his past and his lost family. During this he presents an offer to the group, “I was once a great blacksmith in these parts, if you promise to avenge my fallen family by slaying the Ogre that took them from me, I will use my talent to hone your weapons edge.” Heartily the party agree to these terms, and rest into the day preparing for the adventure into the mountains that awaits them.

Loss and gain

Footsteps, a flash, and then darkness. Coming across town to the graveyard, Bluutfurz found the bodies lying on the ground before the graveyard. This was the end of the adventure for the heroes… Months passed since the events in the graveyard and the dead have continued to be raised by the ghostly apparition, fearing he would never be able to return to his work in the cemetery the patriarch of the family Bluutfurz began feverishly searching through the belongings he had collected from the corpses of the heroes. Finally he found something, notes from the Wizard Ezren told that the ghost may find rest and cease his works should the dragon Blackfang be destroyed. Knowing he could not do this himself, Zorn Bluutfurz hired a small band of mercenaries. However there was one condition, they are to be escorted by a warrior of his choosing, the fighter known as Enki; whom he had entrusted with the mighty Dragonbane Longsword.

Beginning their journey as any party should, the first stop was the local whorehouse. Using her powers of seduction, and fear Lady Mysteria sex-questioned a goblin whore, who informed her of a man in the desert who may know where Blackfang was headed and may give them information in exchange for water.

Coming at last to the desert they come upon two structures, a cave covered by a rock and a pyramid surrounded by emptiness. Choosing first to visit the cave, they find just the one they’re looking for; the one the goblin spoke of. The raspy voice gave them what information he could, telling them that Blackfang will likely be found in the Dragonsands in the south lands. Inquiring about the neighboring pyramids the man told the group that it is inhabited by a Manticore, but that’s as much as he knows. Preparing to leave the group does as promised and leaves water for the voice, however when the hand juts out to grab the water it’s not that of a goblin as they once thought, but a hand of flesh tone.

Leaving the cave the party enters the pyramid to try for information from the Manticore, unfortunately he is of little help and seems of little intelligence. After gaining almost nothing from the old beast they prepare to leave, but not before a riddle! Solving the riddle of the manticore the party leaves and heads across the desert to the next town of Sandport.

Arriving in the town by night they split up and search for information on the dragon. The local barmaid informed them many strange folk had been through town as of late, many Elves in and about the town, an odd occurrence as elves seemed to avoid the town mostly. Seeing two such folk in the bar, the group begin questioning the elves of the goings on in the world. They speak vaguely and cryptically of the dragon saying even this evil thing has a purpose. But when the adventurers speak of the ghost in the graveyard and his necromancy, all becomes silent and the Elves say to speak with them in the shack at the other side of town after the bar has closed. Time passes by and the time comes to leave to the shack, but when they arrive they find silence; and inside the two elves beheaded without a single sign of battle. It is time to leave this place.

Desolation of Blackfang
Finding a Path

When last we left our heroes, their journey had taken them from the den of the dreaded Blackfang, on a journey back to the town of Mudpoint; however before returning to they stumbled upon a lone Orc wildling decimating a corpse in the nearby bog. After a short battle the party defeated the Orc ,and after examining his body they found an odd signet ring. After returning to town they spoke to Mayor Francis Whifflebottom and asked if he knew anything of the Signet, to which he informed them that it belonged to the “Bluutfurz” family. Following the trail to the house on the south end of town, they found the family were a once powerful force in the town and owners of the graveyard on the north end of town. The old man who owned the house, spoke of how they were forced to abandon the graveyard after the dead began rising and attacking his sons. Entering the graveyard, the adventurers sprung an attack and defeated the undead residing there, after the heated battle a strange presence was felt from within the crypt. Inside was a haunting apparition adorned in pale green robes and wearing a white circlet upon his head, casting spells of necromancy upon the dead raising them from their rest. When inquired as to his reason for this he told the adventurers that he has seen too many generations of death during his existence as a ghost, after his death at the hand of the beast Blackfang, and he wished only to bring life where there was only death. He told too that he may be able to find peace and rest if the monster is defeated, informing the crew that the dragon will be found in dry dark places.
As the heroes leave the graveyard however they hear quick footsteps behind them, is it friend? Or foe…


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