Desolation of Blackfang

A bristling encounter

Upon collecting their dues and reinforcing some of their items with the silver of Fenrir, the party splits for the time as Targuus and Lady Mysteria take rest in the local tavern and the rest of our party setting off to continue on the path to the monster Blackfang. Following down the crudely drawn map they spot yet again dark figures standing in their way. In an attempt to creep up on the beasts Orfae is discovered and the figures begin making their way toward the scent. Running back to the party to warn them Orfae and the group discuss possible options for dealing with the figures. Through the clearing where the party is gathered come two large Wereboars; hulking and hungry. Attempting to deal with the huminoids however proves a difficult task as when they make an attempt to intimidate Qalamity she lets loose a crossbow bolt into one of the animals eyes. A battle ensues and after a few minutes of heated combat the boars are no more.

Investigating after possible safe holds of treasure, the party finds a path leading to a small pile of seemingly random weapons, and eventually, a cave. Inside the simple cave is found very little, or so it seems. Using his knowledge of the earth Enki notices an odd place in the wall. Sending his skeleton to do the digging around as always, a secret room is found with a mysterious set of items. A Kabuto and armor, a Daikatana, and two scrolls placed on the wall amongst a red light and incense laden ambiance. Approaching in an attempt to take the items Enki feels suddenly very heavy and begins to black out, obviously this is no mere alter. Stepping back to fully survey the situation, the party begins to plot their next move, and the meaning behind these secret scrolls…


Eye violence is always hilarious!

A bristling encounter
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