Desolation of Blackfang

Desolation of Blackfang

Finding a Path

When last we left our heroes, their journey had taken them from the den of the dreaded Blackfang, on a journey back to the town of Mudpoint; however before returning to they stumbled upon a lone Orc wildling decimating a corpse in the nearby bog. After a short battle the party defeated the Orc ,and after examining his body they found an odd signet ring. After returning to town they spoke to Mayor Francis Whifflebottom and asked if he knew anything of the Signet, to which he informed them that it belonged to the “Bluutfurz” family. Following the trail to the house on the south end of town, they found the family were a once powerful force in the town and owners of the graveyard on the north end of town. The old man who owned the house, spoke of how they were forced to abandon the graveyard after the dead began rising and attacking his sons. Entering the graveyard, the adventurers sprung an attack and defeated the undead residing there, after the heated battle a strange presence was felt from within the crypt. Inside was a haunting apparition adorned in pale green robes and wearing a white circlet upon his head, casting spells of necromancy upon the dead raising them from their rest. When inquired as to his reason for this he told the adventurers that he has seen too many generations of death during his existence as a ghost, after his death at the hand of the beast Blackfang, and he wished only to bring life where there was only death. He told too that he may be able to find peace and rest if the monster is defeated, informing the crew that the dragon will be found in dry dark places.
As the heroes leave the graveyard however they hear quick footsteps behind them, is it friend? Or foe…


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