Desolation of Blackfang

Up and up

Having spent some time with their new acquaintance Urg our adventures had taken notice that the companion Lady Mysteria had yet to arrive upon them. Knowing something must be awry our party left Urg in search of their lost member.
Heading back in the direction of the last town they stumble upon a strange patch of earth where the grass had been worn away, after further inspection a piece of robe was found following a trail leading back toward the forest in the mountains. Following the trail the group comes to the edge of the forest, Taargus’ mighty wolf picks up the scent of the trail deep into the forest, and so the party follows.
In the forest they find a clearing among the trees, and what should be in that clearing but a bound and gagged Lady Mysteria! Approaching her cautiously the group is suddenly ambushed by several Dark Creepers. After disposing of the pests they take a moment and continue on their journey.
Making their way through the the group spots a large cave seeming dug out of the earth by hand, could this be the lair of the Ogre? Marking the spot, the party continues on to the nearby town.


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