Desolation of Blackfang

Revenge by proxy

After arriving at the nearby town to rest for the night the party hears a voice calling at them from above the high dark wood walls, the voice questions them on their intent and cautiously allows them entry to the mountain town. Entering the town which they now know to be called Fenrir, the party looks about to see a still town with few buildings made of the same dark wood as the walls, covered in a thin layer of snow. As they proceed into the nearby building marked crudely with the Dwarf word for Inn, the first thing they observe is a Gnome in the center of the room playing cards with some agitated looking dwarves. All they had to hear was “Didn’t realize the circus was in town!” from the Gnome, and the party approached. After some discussion they find that the gnome is one called Qalamity Faye and she was a cavalier serving as protector of the wildlife of these lands. This discussion led to the group hiring Qalamity to assist in tracking and defeating the Ogre they had promised to bring down. After the group had rested and regained their wits and strength, they set off in search of the fiend.
Coming upon the site they knew to be the lair of the Ogre, the party prepares a trap to try and bring him down or at the very least weaken him to attack. After much preparation and some setbacks the trap is set and the ogre lured out! Unfortunately the trap only stunned the mighty foe and did not deal a significant blow to him. However with some swiftness and the combined might of Qalamity and Enki dealing devastating blows to the beast, the fight was over. And taking a symbol of the Ogres defeat, the party returns to the town to recuperate.
Returning at last the group speaks to the leader of Fenrir city to see the possibility of reward, and while he says nothing of reward for the Ogre (as he did not consider it a problem) he makes mention of the mines in the town and their evil presence of the dead congregating. Perhaps there is something they could learn about their quest from this necropolis.


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