Desolation of Blackfang

Out of the frying pan

And so the journey continues, as the party continues on from the town of Sandport, Lady Mysteria stays in the town so that she may quell the worries after such strange incidents. As you begin to leave you see a strange figure appear, rotting flesh, withering skin, and sunken sockets; this is the wizard Ezren raised from the dead by the ghostly necromancer to replenish your numbers in her absence. As the party continued through the night, they saw on the horizon the beginning of daybreak, knowing they must find shelter from the suns harsh rays. Coming at last upon some shelter in this harsh terrain, the party finds a small cave and decides this may do for the night.

As the sun begins to set and night begins to show its face, Orfae hears a sudden thud and movement from the back of the cave. Turning around to examine the noise, she spies three giant snakes making their way into the cave from holes that show in the back. A battle commences, and with a furious whirlwind of blades and fangs, the fight is over. Gathering themselves for the journey ahead, the group again begins their trek across the seemingly endless desert.

After what seems like an eternity of hours, the party began to see the faint signs of life spring up around them. Sparse grass here, a shrub or bush there, it began becoming more and more frequent. Until finally they come to a far greener land of rolling hills and craggy rocks. Up hills and over small cliffs the adventure continues, but suddenly a smell of wet hide and tramping hoofs alerts them! As they all spin around the see a group of charging Aurochs coming for them with rage in their eyes and steam in their snouts. The battle wages on, but quickly our heroes overcome this obstacle set before them.

Investigating the area around them, the party takes notice of a small house just over the hill and into the center of the next valley. Knowing the sun will soon again make its way across the sky, the adventure takes them down to the house to see if it may do for a nights rest. Coming upon the house, investigation shows no signs of life within. Daring to venture within the party finds a simple home comprised of simple rooms, but a strong magic seems to keep them from one of them, locked tight and sealed with powerful spell.

While investigating the house, there is a sudden movement coming from the front door and the sound of someone entering beginning to enter. A half-orc man enters the threshold and stops suddenly “Who’s there?” but no one answers his call, at that moment the Dwarf Taargus springs forth into the main room to calm the man. After talking him down from his panic, Taargus introduces the rest of his companions to the man they now know as Urg.

The night continues on, and Urg tells the party tales of his past and his lost family. During this he presents an offer to the group, “I was once a great blacksmith in these parts, if you promise to avenge my fallen family by slaying the Ogre that took them from me, I will use my talent to hone your weapons edge.” Heartily the party agree to these terms, and rest into the day preparing for the adventure into the mountains that awaits them.


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