Desolation of Blackfang

Loss and gain

Footsteps, a flash, and then darkness. Coming across town to the graveyard, Bluutfurz found the bodies lying on the ground before the graveyard. This was the end of the adventure for the heroes… Months passed since the events in the graveyard and the dead have continued to be raised by the ghostly apparition, fearing he would never be able to return to his work in the cemetery the patriarch of the family Bluutfurz began feverishly searching through the belongings he had collected from the corpses of the heroes. Finally he found something, notes from the Wizard Ezren told that the ghost may find rest and cease his works should the dragon Blackfang be destroyed. Knowing he could not do this himself, Zorn Bluutfurz hired a small band of mercenaries. However there was one condition, they are to be escorted by a warrior of his choosing, the fighter known as Enki; whom he had entrusted with the mighty Dragonbane Longsword.

Beginning their journey as any party should, the first stop was the local whorehouse. Using her powers of seduction, and fear Lady Mysteria sex-questioned a goblin whore, who informed her of a man in the desert who may know where Blackfang was headed and may give them information in exchange for water.

Coming at last to the desert they come upon two structures, a cave covered by a rock and a pyramid surrounded by emptiness. Choosing first to visit the cave, they find just the one they’re looking for; the one the goblin spoke of. The raspy voice gave them what information he could, telling them that Blackfang will likely be found in the Dragonsands in the south lands. Inquiring about the neighboring pyramids the man told the group that it is inhabited by a Manticore, but that’s as much as he knows. Preparing to leave the group does as promised and leaves water for the voice, however when the hand juts out to grab the water it’s not that of a goblin as they once thought, but a hand of flesh tone.

Leaving the cave the party enters the pyramid to try for information from the Manticore, unfortunately he is of little help and seems of little intelligence. After gaining almost nothing from the old beast they prepare to leave, but not before a riddle! Solving the riddle of the manticore the party leaves and heads across the desert to the next town of Sandport.

Arriving in the town by night they split up and search for information on the dragon. The local barmaid informed them many strange folk had been through town as of late, many Elves in and about the town, an odd occurrence as elves seemed to avoid the town mostly. Seeing two such folk in the bar, the group begin questioning the elves of the goings on in the world. They speak vaguely and cryptically of the dragon saying even this evil thing has a purpose. But when the adventurers speak of the ghost in the graveyard and his necromancy, all becomes silent and the Elves say to speak with them in the shack at the other side of town after the bar has closed. Time passes by and the time comes to leave to the shack, but when they arrive they find silence; and inside the two elves beheaded without a single sign of battle. It is time to leave this place.


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